Video Montage

Make your still photos into a memorable video montage with music and titles! A video montage is a great way to remember sports seasons, holidays, and special events and to celebrate your loved ones at weddings, family reunions, and memorial services!

You prepare the photos and music:

  • Sort through your photos on your phone, cameras, and computers, and select the photos you want in your montage.
  • Copy the image files into a file folder on your computer or in your Dropbox, Google Drive, or another cloud service.
  • Decide what order you want the photos to appear in. Add a number and “-“to the start of the file name (001-, 002-, 003-, …)
  • Choose the music you want to use, copy the song file(s) into the folder (must be public domain music (here is one source) or the copyright holder’s policy for each song must allow it to be published on YouTube. Search policies for your music choice here.
  • Specify the title you want.
  • Decide how you want your video delivered to you:
    • DVD
    • Video file (eg .mov,  .mp4), by download or data DVD
  • Upload the file folder to a link we provide.

We create your tribute montage

  • We follow your directions closely, and if we are unsure or have questions, we check with you so we get your montage right the first time.
  • We deliver the finished video on time in the format and media you requested

Place your order today!

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