Draft virtual tour for review


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* = Added and currently live on the Pioneer acres tour on the website.

KNOWN ISSUE: The directions text that pops up after a few seconds of inaction, doesn’t display properly on mobile devices and tablets. I am pursuing a solution and will apply it once the software support team provides it.

  • New features:
    • Narration added:
      • Main entrance
      • Pioneer world – outside
      • Pioneer stage
      • Long house: Dining room and wash-up room
      • Crown school: Inside and outside
    • Text info pop-up boxes added:
      • Crown School
    • Popout MENU with thumbnail images added
    • “Go outside” button on indoor nodes so visitors can find their way out of a building quickly if they wish. *
    • Fixed technical glitch – everything is now working *
    • Notice that guided tours are needed to enter buildings for specific displays – appear only when looking at building
    • Notice that equipment on display is only displayed during the annual show now added when appropriate on 2 nodes (Pioneer Stage, and Horse Shed
  • New, better quality photos:
    • Beef ring building (inside)
    • Crown school classroom,
    • Long House kitchen and dining room
  • New nodes added:
    • Pioneer stage
    • Horse barn indoor
    • Horse, combine, and Carey pole sheds
    • Ray Howden collection
    • Stationary engines